Track roller guidance systems

Track roller guidance systems are linear guidance systems that can be compiled according to a modular concept for a wide variety of applications. Due to their lightweight construction, they are highly suitable for use in handling systems. They are particularly characterised by quiet running, high traverse speeds, long displacement distances and the modular concept.


Track roller guidance systems comprise one or more aluminium carriages, profiled track rollers and a straight or curved guideway. Carriages are available as hollow section carriages, open carriages, compact carriages and bogie type carriages for curved, oval and circular guidance systems.


Guideways consist of an aluminium rail with shafts made from rolling bearing steel rolled into the sides. The guideways are available in many different designs, e.g. guideways with a solid profile, hollow section guideways, flat guideways, guideways with a slot etc. Selection depends on the puropse to which the track roller guidance system will be put.