Monorail guidance systems

Roller monorail guidance systems

Ball monorail guidance systems

Miniature ball monorail guidance systems

Linear ball bearing units

INA monorail guidance systems are compact linear guidance systems with high rigidity and load carrying capacity, supplied in complete form as standard and based on either rollers or balls. These guidance systems can support loads from all directions – apart from the direction of motion – and moments about all axes. They are available in various accuracy and preload classes and are therefore suitable for applications with high guidance and positioning requirements.

Monorail guidance systems are part of a modular concept, i.e. within one size, guideways can be combined with all carriage types. This means more economical stockholding, simplified fitting and more rapid replacement parts sourcing.

In order to reduce maintenance costs, monorail guidance systems have a lubricant reservoir. All-round sealing of the carriages protects the rolling element systems from contamination even under demanding environmental conditions.