Linear roller bearings

Linear recirculating bearings


Linear roller bearings are suitable in conjunction with guideways for locating/locating or locating/non-locating bearing arrangements and form a bearing arrangement system for linear motion with unlimited stroke length. In closed arrangements, they can support loads from all directions and moments about all axes. Their load carrying capacity is extremely high and the space required is very small. The guidance systems can be preloaded by adjusting gibs and have extremely high rigidity when preloaded.

Since the guidance elements have a versatile range of possible arrangements, linear recirculating roller guidance systems are suitable for numerous applications in general machine building, especially for linear guidance systems in machine tools where high guidance and positioning accuracies are required over long traverse distances.

The range is supplemented by adjusting gibs for precise setting of the preload, setting devices for measuring the deformation of the adjacent construction where preload forces must be supported and adapters for easy mounting of the linear roller bearings in a 45° arrangement.